Wal-Mart "pit crew" cheap oil change, what do they use?

As others have already said, oil itself is no problem. None.

I worry more about if they actually changed oil filter, and if they did, is it on correctly? Then the drain plug, on too tight / loose? Finally, is the oil cap actually ON the engine? Is it overfilled or underfilled?
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I personally would worry way more about them messing up the oil filter, stripping out the drain plug. Or worrying about whether or not they even tightened it than the oil used.
Bingo. The last thing I'd be worried about is type of oil. Check the level now and tell him to check for leaks every now and then.
A couple of years ago I was in a Walmart in Florida that didn't have a tire and lube section but had two 6 gallon containers of QSAD 5w20 SN in the oil section. I took one up front and it rang up for $9. I left the other one for the next lucky guy mainly because I didn't have room in my car for it. That was one of the best oil scores I ever found. It should be fine in my 2.5 Duratec for a 5K run when I get around to using it this year.