VW wipers trashed after ~7 months.

I have not heard them do their shift on my e-Golf, ya know the random wiper clunk every so often after pulling away after a start? It was obvious in my '06 Jetta, my departed '12 Sportwagen and 'the 11 Sportwagen. I don't hear anything at all from the wipers on my e-Golf unless they are in use.
Yep - my 2018 does it.
Spend some money and get quality wipers.
Precisely, the wipers on my new car were shot within a few months after a few snowstorms up north. I chalked it up and had the boys at Valvoline put on a new quality set. Lasted me at least 3 more winters before they needed replacing. Well worth the $40 (or maybe a bit more) it cost to have those put on.
Like you said, could be el cheapo wipers put on at selling time but could also be embedded junk on the glass from the car sitting on the lot.

My cars are all parked outside. If I don't clay & polish the windshield every 6 months to get the junk off, the wipers rarely last a year before streaking/shuddering.
Here’s the deal, dealers don’t change the wipers prior to sale , they don’t change the batteries most of the time too. I’ve bought several vehicles from a variety of dealers and all of them had crap/shot wipers. I learned this when my wife got her Rogue, for two weeks afterwards we had just stunning weather blue skies no snow. On the way back from thanksgiving in an absolute blizzard we discovered that the wipers that were on the car would have been outperformed by a dog turd covered in molybdenum disulfide grease rubbing on the windshield.

Whenever I buy a vehicle I swap blades and every fluid I can think of regardless of the dealer’s ******** 158,000,000,000 point inspection. General thought process that has never failed me is to go in with the understanding that car dealers are absolute scum bags and will do anything to squeeze out any bit of margin possible.
You have issues with aftermarket parts...do you think VW actually makes any parts? No they don't, so go with a better aftermarket wiper such as what Trav suggested and move on happy. I get 6mos avg on wipers no matter what brand in Texas due to the sun and heat. I never think of going to the stealership for consumable items like wipers and filters for the mark up alone.
PIAA silicon wiper blades I think are fantastic.. I buy their refills for my 2017 Elantra and 2019 Santa Fe.. As soon as I brought the cars home, I pulled the rubber blades off, and installed silicon refills in...

If the wipers are chattering, more likely there is wax buildup on the windshield. Do you go through a lot of touchless car washes? Will cause wiper chatter in no time.
I replace mine 2x a year - FCP Euro, lifetime replacement....bundle the return shipping my oil change kits etc. and then use Paypal to get the shipping refunded...free. Valeo work great on my VWs.