Valvoline 80w90 gear oil???

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Apr 25, 2009
Pa. America
Hi everyone, need your help again.

Would Valvoline 80w90 gear oil be considered a high quality oil? (non synthetic)

Its time to Change the oil in the Differential, Gear box and transfer case, i dont know what oilt Toyota used originally but i know Toyota used a lot of Castrol products .

Toyota Rav 4 , 2004 Manual Trans 2.4 motor , it is my Wife's daily driver , she does 200 miles a day vehicle has 117, 476 miles on it.

Thanks for you input.

I have used the Valvoline gear oils, particularly the DuraBlend, in many vehicles with excellent results. I chnage out the rear diffs in my trucks about every two years and have laways found the oil to still be clear with lots of "sulfur" odor, for what that is worth. I generally drain to make sure that I don't have any water in there after running around in fields, mud ,etc after hunting.
The 80W-90 gear oil is a good one for wear. But it does shear out of grade quickly. Keep this in mind if you subject the rear diff to heavy loads.
I have used the valvoline 80w90 durablend for years. But I now use Amsoil 80w90 because it will go 100,000 miles and is only about $3 more a quart. SO for the extra $10 I don't have to change it very often and it is actually less expensive than 2 durablend changes.
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