Using jumper wire to read ABS codes

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Aug 1, 2009
I did not know that this was possible, but I've read from a couple of sources that by grounding the number 9 pin (bottom left of the diagnostic plug port) it will result in flashing and thus the ability to read the ABS codes. Is this so? Sounds too good to be true, honestly. It would save buying a costly ABS code reader. Also, part stores don't have the ability to read ABS codes as far as I know. I have a Nissan with ABS and SLIP lights on. So what does the collective say?
Depends on the year of Nissan as well. Nissan did have the fallback of jumper wires and the ECU LED until the mid-2000s. Most aftermarket scan tools don't do import ABS/SRS, the Consult monitor is the best tool for Nissans but also the most expensive. Find the FSMs on nicoclub for your particular model.
It's an '05 Frontier. I suppose I could go ahead and try it, but I want to make sure I don't fry anything.
I read something similar about my Toyota Sequoia back when I had a problem with the ABS and my code reader wasnt finding anything. Jumper a few pins on the diagnostic plug and do a secret handshake with the ignition while opening and closing the door in a specific pattern. I was skeptical but after reading it in several places, gave it a shot. It worked. The whole dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree, then the check engine light blinked a pattern to give the code. I used the blinking sequence to diagnose a bad sensor, replaced both brake pressure sensors (the code doesnt specify which of the two it was diagnosing, so I did both), and the code and check engine light went away. Dont know the actual procedure for your Nissan, and I would be reluctant to try it unless I saw more than one or two forum posts from someone who tried the same procedure, but just wanted to say in my case I was able to make a 'trick' like this work.
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