Using 2 or 3 micron fuel filters for oil bypass???

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Jul 29, 2011
What do you guys think of this idea: Using a 2 or 3 micron FUEL FILTER for a bypass oil filter? I can get Donaldson P551313's online for $6.53 a piece, and they're rated at 3 micron absolute. The Caterpillar 1R0749 & 1R-0750 are 2 micron absolute and can be had for $16.99. That price blows the doors of about everything else, and those filters are a lot easier to find than other dedicated bypass filters. Everything I've read indicates they're rated for the pressure, but the temperature is another issue. I found a larger filter/housing combo that will work, and has the same micron/efficiency rating. The Caterpillar 1R-0755 filter, which is still a 2 micron absolute filter, but is 46% larger in diameter, and 29% taller than the 1R-0749/P551311 filter that uses 1"-14 threads. The larger 1R-0755 filter has 1-3/8"-16 threads. The volume of the 1R-0749 filter is 100 cubic inches, or 0.43 gallons. The volume of the 1R-0755 filter is 273 cubic inches, or 1.18 gallons. There are three filters heads I've found that will work for the Caterpillar 1R-0755 filter, the Donaldson P174777, Fleetguard 3304173S, and the Baldwin OB1308. 1"-14 filter heads for the 1R-0749 are everywhere.
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My concern is heat. How are they put together? Will the glue fail at oil temperatures? Any other materials fail at oil temps?
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