Triax Fleet Ecellion FS 5w-40

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May 14, 2013
Has anyone ever used it? I also add an pdf. file Triax Fleet FS 5w40 PDF It`s offer High Viscosity in 100c - 16. It`s look like 5w50 and HTHS - 4.4 I think it's probably not a problem to use in ej205 as a analog for Rotela t6

TRIAX FS 5W40.jpg
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Yet another poser oil listing a bunch of approvals and specs it does not have. You can actually buy this in Bulgaria and it's the only choice you have? If they were truthful, under Specifications and Approvals" it apparently should say "None".
I also don't know that an EJ205 "needs" a 40wt oil. NA EJ engines seem fine for the 99% of users on 30wt oils, it is the turbo'd engines that seem to thrive on 40wts. That's just what my experience has shown. Can you get Rotella Multi-vehicle 5W30?
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