Translation for XS650 (lotsa pics)

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Dec 12, 2002
XS, rather than hijack another thread, here's the list. 1970 LC Torana (mine was dark metallic brown, with crow's feet, a 2.250l 6 cyl auto, 4 wheel drum brakes). Develp[ed from the Vauxhaul Viva, with an extended chassis, and a local 6cyl.  - 1973 LJ Torana (mine was metallic charcoal (also with crowsfeet) 186c.i. 6 with triple carbs etc.)  - engine looked like  - 1979 UC Torana (mine was same colour, two more dors, with a worked 202c.i.6 cyl)  - 1974 LH Torana (mine was white with black, 4.2 litre V-8)  - 1976 LX Torana (mine was kermit green, with black bonnet, worked 5 litre, 50 series tyres...loved damp clay roads Like this, without fibreglass)  - 1979 VB Commodore (mine was white, worked 202)  - WB Holden Ute (same as this, 4.2 V-8, petrol/propane)  - to be continued
HX Wagon (metallic "sand" body, beige roof, 4.2 V-8 Auto)  - 1973 LJ Torana XU1 (my only ever original muscle car mine was white)  - UC Sunbird (I sold the wagon and the XU-1 the same weekend, and needed a beater...taught me a lot about efficiency...mine was just like this, only the paint is better here)  - BJ42 Cruiser (Red with white roof)  - XF Falcon (white 4.1 6cyl, 4 speed)  - Holden Camira Wagon (Metallic Burgundy)  - 1990 4Runner RV-6 (Metallic Burgundy)  - 2003 Nissan Navara ST-R (Black bull bar, and canopy. 3litre turbodiesel...first new car)  -
Shannow, the '73 Torana looks almost like an early-mid '70s Opel Ascona. Opel is of course GM, so if the Torana was also a GM design...
moribundman, the first Toranas were rebadged Vauxhaul Vivas, with the chassis extended to make room for the 6 cyl engine. THe later (73 onwards) were an opel, and were svsilsble in 4, 6, and 8 cyl. The Commodore was also sold under Vauxhaul and Opel, and was 4, 6, and 8 cyle powered.
"THe later (73 onwards) were an opel, and were svsilsble in 4, 6, and 8 cyl." ...and I thought they were ONLY svsilsble in a 4 cyl...shows how much I know... [Wink]
Shannow, it's always nice to see new (for me) cars. Was the Commodore independent rear suspension? IIRC, there was a German market Opel in that era that was about that size with IRS.
pscholte, my fingers are dyslexic at 6:00 AM, after the kids awake at 5:00..."a" is Sooooooo close to "S"
XS650, nope the Commondore was McPherson Strut front, and solid rear end. That vehicle ultimately became the current GTO...if you can call that evolution...4 new handles, three new heads.
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