Jul 16, 2020
A Navy Captain took over as the Commanding Officer of Naval Station, Pearl Harbor on a Friday.
The following Monday, the Captain decided to take a walking tour of his new base.
When he exited out of his building, he noticed two Sailor that appear to be "guarding" a bench in front of the building.
The Captain walked over to the two Seamen and asked them why they were "guarding" the bench.
One of the Seamen answered...
"We don't know sir. The previous Commanding Officer told us to, so we are guarding it! We believe it's some sort of base tradition"
The Captain a little puzzled, went back to his office to call his predecessor to ask him why he wanted Sailors to guard this particular bench.
The previous Captain stated over the phone...
"I don't know. The previous Captain had Sailors guarding the I kept the tradition".
The Captain more confused about this "tradition", did some research...
The Captain went back another 4 Commanding Officers when he found a now 100 year old retired Admiral.
The Captain called the Admiral and asked him...
"Excuse me sir. I am Captain Kennedy, the Commanding Officer of Naval Station Pearl Harbor...there's two Sailors assigned to "guard" a bench outside my office...I heard you started this tradition...can you tell me why sir?!"
There was a long pause...then the Admiral slowly said...
"What? Is the paint is still wet?!?"
And that my friends is how traditions gets started!