Top Gear is here!!

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You know.. the British have different taste then us... and i have the feeling that they are more bias than us also. It seems like the Canadians are the least biased reporters.
The pigeon whooping the **** out of that guy in the race was too funny. That show is apparently going to be a Discovery Channel regular. Thank god. It's funny as heck when they race around little economy cars. Some of those cars you can get in Europe are awesome; gas savers that can beat the tar out of practically any economy car you can buy in the States.
Yup, this is a great show about the cars and driving them at speed. The TGV Train vs the Aston Martin V12, running accross France, to Monte Carlo, and the high speeds allowed by the French Gendarmes, on the Auto Route, they kept encouraging the Aston driver to go faster, he was exceeding 120mph, not kms!

I like it.
I saw it last night and it was AWESOME! I agree with Jason that the Ferrari vs Porsche bit was incredible and when they put the trailer in the middle of the "dart board" the Brits showed that they too can be just a little bit redneck.

Two thumbs up.

korean_redneck, have you ever seen the show? Obviously NOT. After all these years of just seeing clips off the internet, we can finally watch the whole thing. And it was great. This is nothing like other various British shows that were imported.
Like MGBV8 said, sure suits my taste! (even though he is from UK)

Yeah too bad we have to import our car shows too but no one here wanted to step up to the plate. MT TV, C&D TV, Motorweek...all mediocre at best. Wonder if they did it intentionally so you would stick to the magazines, or they just suck?
Speed Channel was stupid for not picking this show up.
So sweet watching the 360 Modena CS and 911 GT3 RS rip around the track. The hosts are good too. The "car darts" was hilarious.
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