Tire advice for my '07 F250 4x4

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Dec 30, 2005
Shreveport, Louisiana
I just bought a '07 F250 4x4 crew cab diesel that I will use to pull my 10,500lb toy hauler. The truck has a 4" lift on it that appears to be installed properly and in excellent working order; truck only has 31,200 miles. Problem with it is that it needs new tires sooner rather than later. It has 325/60R20 tires on it right now and they fit the truck proportionally well; don't want to go shorter. Also I want to go with a 10 ply/E rated tire that can comforably handle the weight of my trailer. I've looked on the web and found some nice tires, trouble is I have no experience with any of these tires...that's where you guys come in. Any info you may have on a tire please let me know what ya'll think. The choices are:(click the name to go to the tire) Goodyear DuraTrac Pro Comp Extreme AT Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ Hankook Dynapro ATm RF10 Pirelli Scorpion ATR All these tires are equivalent sizes; 325/60R20 is about 35/13.50R20, all are E rated.
The Pro Comp AT is a very good tire. I would stay away from the Hankook and the Pirelli personally.
I agree with Jason2007. The BFG AT KO has three ply sidewalls, great tread for year round on and off road, have great weight carrying abilty and will give years of service. To me they are the best tire for light truck use.
How well does the BFG AT KO handle wet road conditions? Judging strickly from tread observation, it wouldn't do very well, but I have never ran them. I checked, they do make the correct size and load range for my application.
Personally, I ran BFG KO's on a 4x4 Dodge diesel 3/4 ton truck with towing the same load you're planning too. I would NEVER run those tires again, they are slippery snot on wet surfaced roads; and although they were 10-ply tires, we wore them out in less then 25k miles and they were expensive! They were rotated and rebalanced constantly, but it didn't matter. I wouldn't run them again if someone gave them too me; definitely not impressed for the cost of them. Same truck is currently running Bridgestone Revo's with much better results thus far.
Anyone running the the Toyo Open Country MT? I usually love Toyo tires and they make the MT in the correct size and load rating. How loud are they? Do they drive consistently as they age? How do they work in wet conditions on the road?
My dad has the Toyo MTs on his '06 Rubicon, in 315/75R16 size. Great tires for rock crawling. Also, they're EXTREMELY round/uniform from the factory, requiring surprisingly little weight to balance. The previous Goodyear Wrangler MT/Rs (in the same size) were a nightmare to balance. I don't know about longevity or wet road traction, but based on Toyo's recent "resurgence" into the tire market, and based on their very good passenger car tires, I'd expect another top-notch product in their MT. My dad loves them. I share Ramblin's criticism of the BFG KO tires. For as popular these are (and they're not cheap either). I was not impressed in the least with these. A new set was on my Dakota when I bought it, and a good friend of mine has a set on his '03 Wrangler Sport. In both cases, they were not nearly as quiet as I've read in reviews. In my case, I was not impressed with wet traction either. Aquaplane resistance was good enough (the tread was deep), but they didn't impress me for wet road GRIP. I wouldn't buy them again.
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