Thoughts on 2022 Lexus RX 350?

Dec 24, 2014
Huntington WV
Looking at a leftover 2022 RX 350 at a very very good price. Last year of the V6 and I see that is a positive as it is a very smooth running engine.
The tech inside is like a decade behind but that doesn’t bother me, it still has a CD player in the dash lol.
Never owned a Lexus but have heard they are pretty reliable.
2022 vs 2023 is a substantial upgrade spec wise, whether it be the underlying chassis or technological leaps.
2022 is a massaged 2+ decade old platform (1999 Camry rolled this one out)
2023 is built on a nearly decade old platform (2015 Prius rolled the TGNA-K out). That means built to pass newer IIHS (before you give me grief while IIHS is not gov official, most carmakers are basically doing them since PR and Gov picks these up in some form).

Lexus 3.0, Lexus Navigation etc are all OTA/Connected platforms so expect updates while you own the car.

The 2022 has it beat on the v6, its matters to a lot of folks. Its trusted, all the quirks will be worked out. Lexus 2.0 is solid middle ground, has a good size TOUCHSCREEN with AA/AP.

That being said, If you can score 16% or higher off a 2022 after all dealer BS fees and stuff, JUMP ON THAT ASAP!
RIght now Lexus seems to be motivated to move 2023 RX units with some dealers at 8% off.
My 2019 RX 350 is probably my least favorite and it certainly has had the greatest number of issues of any vehicle I've ever owned. To be fair, nothing huge and it's never left me stranded, but still annoying.

My issues:
1. The 8-speed is a hot mess. Too quick to upshift and too quick to downshift means it's in a constant gear hunt. When I first bought the vehicle it had a weird delay when hitting the throttle and a subsequent hard clunk as it downshifted. There was a TSB to reprogram the transmission which I had done and it improved it a little but still not great.

2. There is also a very noticeable shake/rumble in the drivetrain when in drive and not moving. When I pull up to a stop light it's significant enough that change rattles in the cupholder. I brought it in for service and was told they all do this and it's normal. Sure enough, they let me drive two test drive cars and they did it. I've had several loaner RX 350s and they all do it too. Weirdly, I've driven two Toyota Highlanders with the same drivetrain and they did not do it?

3. Engine is super smooth, quiet, rev happy but has no torque and no personality. There was stutter in the engine when I first bought it and it had to go back in for a TSB to reprogram the ECU. No issues since the TSB was applied.

4. Needed new brakes at 20K miles. My wife is very easy on her vehicles and does the same thing she's been doing for 8 years and no other vehicle she's driven needed brakes until at least 40k miles.

5. Needed new tires by 25k miles. My wife is very easy on her vehicles and does the same thing she's been doing for 8 years and no other vehicle she's driven needed tires until at least 40k miles.

6. Fit and finish of interior is subpar. I've had the car in twice for front door rattles. They pulled the doors apart and applied a foam kit that mostly took care of the issue. Everything is soft-touch but it feels like cheap soft-touch.

7. Infotainment went out needed replacement. Oh, and it's terrible BTW even when it works. My wife only uses BT streaming and she controls what's playing by her phone because the interface is too much for her to figure out. The little joystick is terrible. I think they changed the screen to touch screen in later year last model vehicles.

8. Rear power tailgate failed and needed replacement.

9. USB ports in the center console needed to be replaced.

As for my personal opinion - it is my least favorite car to drive of all time. It drives like a brick on wheels with heavy understeer - my Tundra handles significantly better. There is still a type of hesitation on acceleration from a stop. Before the TSB it was much worse but when you hit the gas nothing happens for 2 seconds and then it takes off like a bat out of heck. Part of that may admittedly be because as you see the car coming to T-bone you and you're not moving you instinctively hit the gas more - when the engine decides to wakeup it sees heavy throttle and takes off. As I said earlier, the 8-speed constantly hunts gear because it upshifts and downshifts too quickly. Hit the gas just a little and it downshifts immediately. Let off the gas just a hair and it immediately upshifts. Rinse and repeat no fewer than 8 times going up a ½ mile long hill I drive everyday. Get to speed on hill, keep constant throttle, and the engine has too little torque so it downshifts. Start going faster and let off the gas to maintain a constant speed and it upshifts. Bogs for a few seconds and finally realizes it has downshift. If the transmission would just hold the downshift going up hills it would eliminate much of the aggravation. Last, seats are nice but they are not particularly comfy on long drives.

All that said we still own the car and we plan to keep it until it dies because it's mostly paid off and while I hate it, my wife loves it and she wants to keep it. To each their
I've had 2 RX450H, the 2nd was an F Sport. I am not an suv guy; they are more wifey's. The non F Sport is too squishy for me.
I have never driven a 2WD.
I say drive it; if the price is right and oyu like it, then go for it.
FYI, at least arounf here, the hybrids are much more sought after, both new and used.
Jump on it. Vanilla for sure but your also looking at a 300k kinda longevity with a nice lux level. Only downside is it aint gonna be spirited.
RX 350 has very good resale value. Even if it reached 100K + miles (well maintained & immaculate condition) it's still is pricey.
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Just to clarify Lexus 2 vs 3.0 are the safety kit they offer.

So Lexus Safety 3.0 is the latest, and I would say comparable to Tesla's ADAS systems not FSD.
All that said we still own the car and we plan to keep it until it dies because it's mostly paid off and while I hate it, my wife loves it and she wants to keep it. To each their
RX 350 is a chic car. Every time you see one, look at the driver, it's "most" likely a lady/woman. Same with XC90
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My wife loves her 2022 RX350. Not the most exciting car to drive but the size and functionality work for her needs. Not sure I'd want the first year's new model of any car.
@PWMDMD - regarding shiftiness in the transmission. my Lexus gs does similar - very eager to shift first, throttle second. However, I found that in Eco mode, it holds gears better and still has all the power I need to drive how I want. does the RX have an eco mode you can try?
Not anymore. XC90, yes, but the Q7/Tahoe have taken over that role.
Most of the big GM bruisers are actually quite excellent in space utilization. If you need the space and the towing capabilities I really dont know anything else on the market.


XC90 seats though are amazing, and weirdly enough better then those 1000 way multi seats the competitors offer. Back to the RX though, the seats are ok, I'd look for the thigh extension cushion thing if possible. The F sport seats are SUPER SNUG if you are a "wide load", but they do eventually fit better.
we have a 21 rx 350, we have none of the issues mentioned above about transmission issues, idling issues, drive feel, etc. My only real complaint is the gas mileage. its avgs 21 running around town with some highway. they infotainment was updated and works great, has both pad and touch. pad has vibration feedback that works flawlessly. its really easy to use on the interstate. you don't have to reach up to do anything. overall it is a very nice vehicle and seems to be well put together. that's usually the case on the last of a generation.