Thinking of Changing My Oil Choice

I don't see any reason in using Mobil1 ESP, I can't see the benefits of using a Low SAPS oil in a MPFI engine that doesn't consume much oil, if what you're doing works keep up with it, I see know reason to change and a resource conserving 5W30 should be more than thick enough, so many of these engines last forever on Toyota's recommended Xw20 that probably doesn't get changed as often as you change your oil, If you're using EP, I'd probably run it a year instead of 6 months sounds like you drive less than 10k a year, if you're gonna dump it every 6 months with less than 5k on it just use supertech or whatever you can get off the clearance rack for cheap.
Ultimately, I will bring it out to a year, but I wanted to to a couple-three short changes based on the condition of the oil I found in the sump when I purchased the car. This last change will take me through the summer and then I'll get on a 1X / year schedule.
People around here seem to love oils loaded with boron help clean the engine, maybe run Delo 400 SDE for an OCI, the latest PQIA analysis showed that it had over 350ppm of Boron,, you can get 3 bottles on Amazon for $11.67/ea so $35.01 in total and get $21 back via rebate from Chevron,, it does appear to be currently back ordered though so it might be a couple weeks before they get it shipped, it's also 15w40 which is kinda unnecessary in a Toyota 4 banger but it'll do the job for 1 OCI, there's apparently a 10W30 version of SDE but no place seems to stock it.
That engine doesn't require much from it's oil. You can run just about anything xW-20 or -30 and it will be fine. The more protection options are thicker oils, and have more ZDDP or other anti-wear additives.

Pick what lets you sleep at night.
For one, it’s cheaper. Second, it’s easy to find in stores. Third, your car is past 75,000 miles.
Price is not an issue. In fact, where I shop for oil, the Valvoline High Mileage is the same price as M1 EP HM. Were price an issue, there's always the Mobil rebates, which makes M1 substantially less expensive than the Valvoline. It's just as easy for me to get M1 EP as Valvoline. Should I want a High Mileage oil, EP comes in that flavor as well. Thanks for posting the Valvoline figures ... very useful and informative.