The ZX11 oil starvation conundrum

Colorado, USA
I think he's already pulled the trigger on it... Level of precision the bike is manufactured with is fairly consistent these days. It's whether the head gasket can do the job. A bike needing a head gasket would need to have flat surfaces regardless what brand or nationality the bike is. For me it worked the first time but the second time it didn't. I had to pull the head and put a new head gasket on. Cost an extra day of time, however I don't think it was the level of precision of the bike as the new head gasket has sealed fine between the two surfaces that leaked with the reused gasket. What makes a 65 Chevy with an inline 6 a more proper candidate for polishing cam lobes with Emery cloth and reusing a head gasket? ...Š The OP should be getting this deal done for under $1,000. He can buy a ZZR 1200 engine off eBay for a good price and be riding for under $2,000. I don't think a person can buy a ZZR 1200 in good condition for $2,000. So to my mind he has nothing to lose. Sure, I have used crocus cloth or very light Emery cloth to remove tarnishing on cam lobes that have been sitting in an engine for years. Removed the surface blemishes and doesn't touch a thing with respect to the lobe.