That Time of Year Again, When Wx Forecasts Fail...

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Jul 2, 2007
Should've went to work today. Put day off onto schedule yesterday upon local weather forecast being sunny and clear but bit cooler. Yesterday was overcast with rain all day and warm almost into 60's. Classic low pressure area followed by high to yield clear weather with the colder air. But alas, it remains overcast and spotty drizzle, heavy haze. Nice job weather forecasters !! Another fail, but remarkably a sub-24hr fail. Expect it on longer range guess jobs, but not the 24 hr coin tosses. How do these people continue to get paid?
Only this time of year they fail? Seemed like, this summer, I could count on it being opposite of what they predicted--weeks at a time, it'd change every day. Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it.
That's not unusual at all where I live because of the mountains and valleys. Cold air often gets trapped in the valleys and the nice weather never materializes, just chilly and foggy. That shouldn't happen in flat KC. when I lived in St. Louis, the forecasts were pretty accurate. Here I can often look at a weather map and predict the forecast better than the forecasters. Its like they never learn, just go by the same old inaccurate models.
It depends on who you get your information from. Most weather apps are garbage. Local TV isn’t much better. I stick to the Weather Service site and weather radio. However, it’s just human nature. People don’t notice until you mess up. Nobody watches the forecast the 80% of the year when it’s not raining or cold. They don’t complain if it’s 74 instead of 72 outside.
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