Synthetic on Direct Injection?

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Jan 6, 2006
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I have become the proud owner of a 2011 Kia Optima. I love the interior and exterior of the car. I can't say that about a few cars that I have purchased over the years. It is a 2.4 liter direct injection engine. From what I have read, these engines are more stressful on engine oil. Would a synthetic oil be in order here? The maintenance schedule says to change the oil every 5000 kilometers. I will do this during warranty period. What would you do?
For a 5Km I would just use a good Dino oil like Pennzoil, Mobil or Valvoline. DI engines are not necessarily hard on oil but, some early examples like my 07 Mazda CX7 are. Even with my 07, I change oil at 6,000 miles and several used oil analysis by Blackstone Labs showed very good wear results. Your Kia 2.4 engine is a great engine.
Really, 5k km? That's almost unheard of on newer cars! I'd run a synthetic with as low a volatility as possible and extend the drains, warranty be [censored]. That's just me, though
I'm pretty sure that the 5K km interval is only for the first fill on the 2.4L (same for the 2.0T engine in my SX). After that the interval is 12K km (7.5K miles) on the 2.4, 8K km (5K miles on the 2.0T (for US cars, at least).
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