swaping out 4l60e 2005 silverado...what seals

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Nov 14, 2005
La Crosse, Wi
I haven't taken out the old tran yet, but Im wondering what seals i should replace when i put my salvage yard find back in. The newer one only has 23k miles, so i don't intend to rebuild. But would like to know what seals i need to buy before i get started. Thanks.
I would consider changing the rear seal simply because it may be nicked during the "pull" and it will be easier to change it while the transmission is out before installing into your truck. If the torque converter is not pulled, the front seal should be fine.
If its four wheel drive, there is a gasket between the transmission and transfercase. GM has the gaskets for short money. Use the gasket instead of silcone in this area. Get yourself a short 15mm wrench too.
Even though the replacement has 23k miles, I would replace as a minimum: 1. Tail shaft bushing 2. Tail shaft seal 3. Front pump seal 4. Filter and pan gasket 5. Dipstick seal (if it has a dipstick)
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