Super Tech MP9688 C&P

Apr 24, 2018
My first filter c&p is this Super Tech MP9688. It came off my 1985 RX-7 12a rotary after 8 months and 1,106 miles, running Super Tech 20W50 conventional. A shorter run but I had just resealed a few oil leaks and wanted to change it. Replaced with an OEM Mazda filter.

For some reason only the ST line 9688 filter in white was listed on Walmarts site for my car, not the MP but the comparable filters shown on the label do fit the car.



Besides where I cut it trying to open the can, there weren't any other tears in the adbv.


I was slightly worried about the ecore weakening from how fuel laden oil gets with a rotary or 20w50 causing a problem on a cold morning startup but the ecore was still strong and pleats looked fine.

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Looks very much like the MP3614 I recently cut open.
Only difference is that mine had a blue ADBV.
Overall a decent filer for the money IMO.
I think that an extra $2.50 for a silicone ADBV is a little steep, if the media was upgraded to Champ XL media it would be a decent deal but for most applications I'd recommend the classic Orange can Fram over the MP supertech, although for the 9688 at this time the MP9688 is actually a little cheaper than the ph9688 because apparently there's so much demand for the 9688 size that Walmart has raised the price on them.
The story behind the "no synthetics in a rotary" came from development in the 70's, where they were testing various oils and how the side seals and apex seals reacted to them. They tried one synthetic, which they declined to identify (rumored to be M1), that caused the apex seals to "chatter" or "skip" over the housing surface, rather than a smooth slide, which caused irregular wear and damage to the seals and housings. They didnt see this behavior in non-synthetics, and rather than having to test every synthetic oil on the market to see if they would work, they simply made a "no synthetics" recommendation for the engine.

There was also some talk that synthetics burned differently than dino and there was concern that this would cause issues regarding emissions compliance. Whether or not that is true I dont know, but the claim about issues with the seals not behaving was pretty well known.

I havent been on the Rx7 scene in a while but last time I was on the forums, and its been a few years, there did seem to be a fair number of people using synthetics without issue.

My wife threatened to leave me and take 98% of whatever I own if I ever brought another rotary powered vehicle home so things may have changed since I last fiddled with them.
I like the ST MP series filters. If I had one complaint, it would be that they are no media area leader. Kinda skimpy there. The wide diameter nylon cage allows an impression of more media than reality. That said, in a well-maintained vehicle, not a significant factor. Of course, I liked them better before the price increase, As for whether the silicone adbv worth $2.50 extra, I'd say if one plans on running a year/~6k mi. oci/fci, yeah.

Specifically on topic 9688, I like how Champ Labs extended the gasket to the OD of the filter. Imo, better than having the open channel between the OD of filter and narrow sealing gasket.

Topic filter looks fine. Thanks for c&p.
My wife threatened to leave me and take 98% of whatever I own if I ever brought another rotary powered vehicle home so things may have changed since I last fiddled with them.
LoL ^^^ ... they are a different beast for sure. I had two RX-7s (one was a 3rd Gen turbo). The NA never gave me any problems, and the turbo blew out the intake manifold gasket, but otherwise it was pretty trouble free.