Super Hero Movies...who next?

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Mar 17, 2008
I am a big kid at heart and love super hero movies. Can't wait to see the latest Wolverine movie!

What super hero would you like to see on the big screen?

My choices are Thor and Green Latern.

pure and simple.

When they announced the original X-Men, I was annoyed that they didn't Do Wolverine first...the intro of Wolverine in the cage fight, Magneto in the camps etc. could have been soooo awesome were they the original roots that built the X Men movies.

But in reflection, they needed a short sharp punch to engage, rather than the stories.

Some of the 70s comics would be great fill-ins. Batman Versus Man-bat, the Spiderman versus wild-robot one....flash to the futer, Wolverine flogging Lobo in the amalgam comics.

Roll on the Age of Apocolypse...they would be good viewing.

Beats making remakes IMO
marvel has a whole boatload of movies planned; they are going to ride this out until we are sick of them. and why not? comic books themselves are derivative, so why not the movies?
the last spiderman movie su cked, plain and simple. they packed too much into it, it played like a comic annual.
batman? that ship has sailed, now they are remaking movies from just a few yrs ago? smae w/ superman, ***? every time there is a leap foward in CGI technology they have to go do the movie again?
"hey, the Hulk movie failed. I got a great idea: let make another one!"
Thor is already planned.
Captain America is alreay planned.
Avengers also.
I wouldn't be surprised to see a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie, g o d knows Samuel L Jackson isn't getting enough work lately.
I wish the producers would pick someone to play Wonder Woman and get that movie started! I can't wait to see the 21st century adaptation of that costume! They better not FK it up.
I too like these "comic book" movies. One problem is that these movies are now moving toward the deep, dark, psychological aspect of our superheroes. Too heavy. They did this with recent movies about Batman and James Bond. I don't like these heavy movies. I get a headache watching them. I want them light and silly.
If it could be done right, The Six Million Dollar Man. Science fiction beats fantasy in my opinion.
I want them light and silly.

Maybe they could have a retro Batman where they paste "BAP!" and "UMPH!" on the screen.

No thanks. I had way too many comedy Bond's with the Roger Moore "sillys".
I forgot about the punisher movies. they tried it THREE TIMES and couldn't get it right. GIVE IT UP ALREADY!
I cannot understand why an adult would go and watch such movies. These things are childish... Not quite as bad as the adults who dress up like Star Trek or Star Wars characters, but still puzzling.
You'll get over this impression. We were all your age once.

Just keep this perception in mind when you "feel" mature.
Originally Posted By: Cutehumor
another Superman movie would be nice

The last one was not very good.

Transformers is coming up soon and I'm really hoping it's as good as the last.
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