Spreaders and pullers.

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Aug 30, 2007
Bonnyville, AB
I am looking to get a few tools for some upcoming jobs. They are:

- three jaw puller for removing wheel hub/bearing. Looking at OTC 1027.
- brake pad spreader. Not sure how to go on this but I am thinking OTC 7034.
- steering wheel puller for taking the wheel off a '96 Grand Prix to change multi-function switch and repair wiring. Will a Lisle 45000 be good enough?
- What do I need for drum brake service? Spring pliers and a shoe spreader?

I can order direct from OTC or Lisle at work and for the jaw puller and disc brake spreader would prefer OTC because they will be tools I will use and keep for a long time. Lisle for the steering wheel and drum brake tools is fine as those are going to be very rarely done jobs.

What do the experts figure?
Usually pulling a steering wheel doesn't take much so a good quality tool will probably last some time even the best quality pullers break I have broken pullers so the best quality will be a good idea. Usually buying the best quality tools is well worth it. I had Snapon at work but my home set was Craftsman which did the job for me.
I thought that you could borrow the brake pad spreader from AutoZone? Do you have AutoZone in Canada with that service? Some vehicles use a large screwdriver or c-clamp.
I'd rather own the tools for the little bit of money they cost, especially considering I don't see things like disc brakes and front wheel drive vehicles going away in the next thirty or so years.

I believe Canadian Tire used to, and maybe still does offer that service.
I recently bought an OTC 6667 Harmonic Damper Puller for a timing belt job I just did, good quality tool.
I do not use a break pad spreader,use a c clamp or a big pair of channellocks instead.I will never ever buy an OTC tool in my life,SPX whom owns them can kiss my &^*.SPX screwed my father's side of the family and that is one reason why
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