Spark Plug cross reference for 2003 Accord

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Feb 17, 2007
Clermont, Florida
I have looked all over the Internet and can not find what I need. I'm replacing the spark plugs in my girlfriend's 2003 Honda Accord tomorrow. It's the 4 cylinder 2.4 Vtec engine and the OE plugs are NGK Iridium, which is the only plug I can find online. Cheapest is 10 bucks each at AAP, and Honda wants $22.00 apiece. Ouch. I want to find a plug for less that will work for the car. The Iridiums are designed for long life, but I don't mind changing plugs again every 30K or so.

Anyone know where I can look to find a less expensive plug for this car?
Those plugs are worth it.

It has been my experience, and the experience of others, to stick with what is OEM when it comes to plugs. The ones that are "special" fall apart and leave bits of themselves in the cylinders to wreak havoc.

If you want to go cheap you can always check out Walmart, or call over to a NAPA. Some NAPA's actually have decent customer service.

Is there any specific reason you are replacing them? If the ones in there are NGK Iridium and were not having a problem I would leave them. They really are good plugs.
Stick with NGKs. How many miles on the plugs? Maybe just pull each plug and have a look. Good thing to do as you deal with the plug threads and the boot.

Why did you decide to replace the plugs? I would get the right plug vs a plug that is cheap.
PepBoys sells NGK Iridium plugs.
Use the PepBoys $10 off coupon with $30 purchase.

I use NGK copper plugs in our Hondas and change them every 35K miles verses the Iridium plugs.
Plugs have 106,000 miles now. AFAIK they are the original NGK Iridium's. The car runs well but is a bit sluggish to start, and the gas mileage isn't quite what it used to be. I thought I'd start with new plugs. Even Honda says replace them at 110,000 miles.

I'm also replacing a bad O2 sensor. I did an oil change and replaced the air filter yeaterday.

I have a Pep Boys up the street here and check out the coupon. Thanks for the help.
NGK ZFR6F-11 may be a close standard plug, but will not have two ground electrodes as the IZFR6K-11 likely does.

I personally though would just get the IZFR6K-11 Iridium as well, they are fantastic plugs and last long enough to make the $10/ea. cost negligible.
If you replace the plugs and O2 sensor at the same time, you won't get the benefit of knowing what effect came from which change. IF the O2 sensor is bad, then change it first and get a feel for the effect. Then after a few weeks change the plugs with one of the NGKs recommended in the OM. Rockauto might have them?
I agree, the Iridium is the best plug for the car. I printed the $10 Pep Boys coupon and their Website says they are a stocked item so will swing by and see after work today. $7.50 each for that good of a spark plug is a good deal. Plus I will feel better about it using the same as the OE plugs.

Thanks to you LT4 for the tip about the coupon. Hopefully this will be all I need to get the car back on its feet again, so to speak.

Thanks again everybody.
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