Shout out to Deltran

Jan 17, 2003
9200' Colorado
I use Deltran Battery Tender Plus on all my vehicles and powersports that sit without getting driven frequently. I have 6 working right now. I recently picked up another Battery Tender Plus new from a random ebay seller. It was defective and just stayed charging, never going into maintenance mode. I about cooked a battery before I discovered it.
Deltran walked me through a few checks, asked me for some specific info, had me destroy the defective unit, and are sending me a new one. Easy for me, and stand up customer service from them!
my friend needs one for a JD X320 tractor; it only mows lawns. Would that be a suitable product for her?
I don't see why it wouldn't. I have one on a riding mower too. There are a ton of options out there, I just found one that works and stick to it.
It’s a good product. I use one for my zero turn. Keep a check on the battery electrolytes and add distilled water when needed.