School me on Toyota Flywheels

Oct 12, 2010
Running the original Toyota flywheel on my 99 4Runner with 280k+. The previous owner had the dealer change the clutch at 180k and I figure they did not resurface the flywheel because it chatters when cold if I its engaged smoothly -- if I let it slip a bit it does not chatter.

I am making plans for my eventual clutch job. Given the mileage and chatter issue I'm inclined to replace the flywheel. My options seem to be:

- New OEM flywheel ($$$)
- New aftermarket ($-$$)
- Machine original flywheel

I'm interested mostly in hearing what aftermarket flywheel brands you can recommend from successful experience. How much "better" is an OEM unit compared to these options?

Thanks in advance
I had the flywheel on my Mazda resurfaced when I did the clutch on it due to not being able to get ahold of a decent aftermarket one and the OEM one being quite expensive. I had to hunt around for a place that would even do it, but I ended up finding a machine shop that turned mine for $60. If you're in middle GA I can send you their info. Even the aftermarket flywheels for my car were $200ish, which made machining it make sense. I know a Luk flywheel for my old F-150 is something like $75, and for that money I'd just replace it.

Edit: Just for fun I looked on RA and now a Luk flywheel for my car would be $62.. Would have definitely gone that route if it had been available at the time.
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I looked them up earlier for the OP on RA but for the V6. Luk was $55 and Sachs was $75 if I recall correctly. Plus shipping of course. Don't forget 5% discount code.
My transmission guy said he points people to the "Power Torque" flywheels sold by OReillys. I'm thinking to go this route unless there's a compelling reason to stick with Sachs, etc.
Sachs(ZF) and LUK(Schaeffler/Conti) tend to source their Japanese/Korean clutches from Valeo PCC in Korea or get them from Daikin or Exedy(which is a Aisin affiliate).

If the Sachs/LUK flywheel isn’t Chineseium, it’s from any of those companies. Might be worth running the part number through here to get COO:
Thanks for the input, guys. I used the OptiCat and found that both the Sachs and LUK units are made in China. The PowerTorque unit is as well but it looks pretty good. It also states "Engineered in USA" whatever that means :p

So much is made in China now, it’s not a way to bench mark quality. They will make what the person/ company wants to the price/ quality specified and agreed.