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Jun 26, 2004
Santa Cruz
I have been using Amsoil 0/30 for my 02 Atima 2.5 4cyl 73K for the last 22K just got back the 12k report which was excellent execpt its visc is 15/40 same as when tested at 10K. My car uses 1 qt every 2K. at 8.95 a quart it has become to expensive. I don't have a garage and it rains alot in the winter(Santa Cruz Mountains) I need a oil that will go 10K between changes.After reading the board,I'm thinking Rotella syn and a Trasko might do the trick without breaking the bank Does this sound like a good 10K combo? Or as Pablo suggested 50/50 Amsoil/Pen LL with moly.
Their are plenty of oils that will make it to 10,000 miles with out bypass filtration!! Mobil-1 10W30 and 0W40 sound like good choices!! You can get 5 quarts of 10W30 in the 5 quart jug for $18.22 at Walmart! You can buy M1 0W40 for $4.99 a quart at Autozone. You can get Redline 10W30 and 10W40 at Discount or Advanced autoparts for $7.99 a quart. I would not even bother with Rotella-T Synthetic in this application!! Rotella -T is a G-III oil and it is not goin to do any better then Amsoil if consumption is the issue!! You could also consider ordering some Delvac-1 fromt the site E/M sponsor if you want a good synthetic 5W40!
The filtering of the oil using the Trasko filter enables synthetic to go a bit further. I am using the Mobil SUV 5w-40 presently (bought it on sale at Checkers $3.99) and it's performing very well. I did use the Amsoil S2 0w-30 prior to Mobil and they seem to perform about the same, the filter makes a lot of difference and is happy with my combo presently.
Have had a Trasko since 2001 and it has been used on a 2001 Dodge Dakota and a 1995 Toyota Tacoma. This application does not need a special filter. 10,000 miles on a good synthetic should be rather easy to do with top off and filter change half way through!

While the Trasko is really affordable you can buy a lot of M1 for $79 that Trasko wants for a filter.
I think that you would be fine with the less expensive Rotella synth 5w-40. The costs are just too out of whack for other oils. I don't care if they are PAO base stocks. I'm up to 12.5 on my Delvac 1 OCI ..but if I can't make it to 18k, I'm going to Rotella T synth and just do 6 month OCI (9k typically) at half the cost.

@ $3/quart +/-, it's a steal IMHO.

I don't know if the Trasko is necessary ..but if you're gonna "play with your oil" you might as well buy it. You can play far more often with Rotella-T synth than with Delvac 1 or any of the other "leading edge" oils.

I think a standard filter and 10k OCI will work fine with Rotella synth.
It comes down to economics and yes a good synthetic can go 10K with a good filter as I have done it many times. Just saying the Trasko filter aids the synthetic with a cushion of a filter to enable a safe extended OCI. It comes down to economics...

After reading the board,I'm thinking Rotella syn and a Trasko might do the trick without breaking the bank Does this sound like a good 10K combo?

I think in a realistic condition yes Rotella syn can go 10K OCI...
Well gunny, the first time you use the Trasko you must change it out at 5,000 miles. After the first change it is good for 10,000 mile interval at $9.95 a pop for the special kiln dried odd sized filter media it uses and some o-rings. The main reason for changine the filter halfway through is not to lower insolubles as much as it is to add some fresh oil to the system to keep TBN up. How many months does it take you to rack up 10,000 miles. I did not under stand if it was 67 miles round trip or 67 miles one way? If you are hitting 10,000 miles in 6 months or less I would not worry about the filter or doing a filter change half way through!

Most OEM's that have extended drains like GM,BMW and Daimler make no allonce or recomendation for a filter change halfway throught their 15,000+++ mile OCI! It is more important to get a good oil then a fancy filter.
Is there room for an oversized filter?
I know that Nissan likes to spec puny filters.

Maybe a +1 sized boutique filter is all you need to make the 10k OCI.
I bet that the Pureone/Amsoil/Napagold/Mobil1/K&N/insert premium brands here/......will easily make 10k without the need of a Trasko or the 5k change.

Any of the synths should make that 10k OCI. Rotella-T, by the gallon jug, is one of the better priced.
Why not try Mobil1 which is usually $5 a quart and less when on sale(hint 5 quart jug at wallyworld).

I also don't believe that you'd need to stick with the original fill for topping off. You could use other synths with the Amsoil fill.
Gunny, I think JB is on the right track. May I suggest you see if you can fit an oversized quality regular filter on your vehicle if you don't want to change it for 10K miles. M1 and a decent quality oversized filter should be good for 10K miles, and save you a boatload of money over the costs of what you're using now.

For example, if your engine now takes a Wix 51356, see if you can fit a Wix 51344, Purolator L24458, Amsoil SDF-36, ACDelco PF1230, etc.
Would agree as I've gone 10K with a quality synthetic with the K&N Oil Filter. I think the first 5K filter is made because it filters so the filter may get clogged in extremely dirty engines as they want that initial clean up with the filter. I don't think it's to bring the TBN up more so is to protect the filter in case it does become clogged by going any further mile past 5K.

Some owners buy bypass system that cost a lot more and the Trasko is an alternate way of buying a spin on bypass filter for less than $100. I don't believe it's necessary as many have gone 10K or even more with a quality synthetic oil and filter as I have done so myself.

I thing for someone to really benifit from buying a Trasko Filter would be to use it at a very early stage in a new vehicle as Silverado had and he seems please with his purchase.

A quality synthetic with a quality filter will do just as well for your engine. The Trasko is an alternate bypass filter that is easy to install.
When I changed the Trasko filter at 5K I felt the filter could have gone a lot further as filter was like the color of the oil tan not even dirty. I decided to drain the oil and go with the Mobil SUV 5w-40. Like any engine all is different if your engine is clean your synthetic oil will provide the protection in a mechanically sound engine. I think I can go a lot further with this filter than 10K OCI and will change filter and top off at 10K OCI and see where I stand from there. I feel a Delo400 can go 10K OCI with this filter but that is based on an opinion in certain conditions...not to mislead anyone. A filter can do so much and not long shot wonder product but to filter and protect the oil.
After re-reading my post,it looks like I didn't make it clear that I didn't want to change the filter half way 5K. I thought the more expensive Trasko would give me a very safe 10K filter. I'm commuting to work 67 miles a day. I don't have a problem with the up-front cost of the Trasko,if it keeps me from going under the car less often or away from the 1hr 30.00 cheap oil change shops.
I put on 30K a year. I'm leaning towards using M1-5-30 and a oversize oil filter. Is there a way to find out who besides Amsoil(expensive- must order)who makes a larger filter for my 02 2.5 4cly Nissa Altima? I would prefer using a M1 oversize filter if available. Any websites with info I can use to check for oversize filters for my car?
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