Rotella & bikes Questions

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Oct 29, 2006
It seems there are 3 different product lines with 1 wild card (0w-40)

Rotella T 10w-30 (conventional) white bottle
Rotella T 15w-40 (conventional) white bottle

Rotella SB 10w-40 (synth blend)
Rotella SB 5w-30 (synth blend)
Rotella SB 0w-30 (synth blend)

Rotella SB 0w_40 (FULL SYNTHETIC) in the SB line but full synthetic black bottle

Rotella T 5w-40 (full synthetic) blue bottle

Here we go, everybody into bikes discusses this topic to death, which ones aren't appropriate for bike use? the two i hear every one discussing when it comes to bikes is the:
-Rotella T 15w-40 (conventional) white bottle
-Rotella T 5w-40 (full synthetic) blue bottle
Id like to discuss the differences and advantages/disadvantages of the two

Where can i get the Rotella T 5w-40 (full synthetic) blue bottle in the Toronto area? Preferably off the shelf
Sneak across the bridge and buy some at Wal-mart.
Other than that, a shell station, shell distributor, or maybe a truck stop.
But Wal-mart is cheaper.
Is the 5w-40 synthetic that much better or will the 15w-40 be just as good, I dont mind tracking some down but i would probably buy a case or 2, not just 1 or 2 bottles...
I've been using Rotella T 15W40 non-synthetic for years in liquid and air cooled engines. I use my equipment hard but I also do my own regular maintenance.

I run it in a 26 year old Kubota diesel. Never had a problem with it in all those years. It has over 6000 hours on it and hasn't even required a valve adjustment. I had run it in a couple of old Suzuki air cooled ATVs for too many years to remember. Never had a problem with either machines that I had owned from new ( an '84 and an '87) Sold them in 2006 and they're still going strong. I now own two liquid cooled 500cc Suzuki engined machines that have Rotella T 15W40 in them from first oil change after being bought brand new. I have a newer liquid cooled Kawasaki motor cycle with almost 12000 miles on it. Nothing but Rotella T 15W40 in it from first oil change after being bought new. I also have a Honda F6 with the flat six liquid cooled engine in it. It also gets Rotella T 15W40. My Toyota also get Rotella but in 5W40 weight. All of my four stroke outdoor power equipment gets Rotella T 15W40 as well.

In all the years I've been using it in all types of equipment, I've never had an oil related problem nor any engine problems or failures. Not saying any other oil wouldn't be as good. With the success I've had with Rotella T, I don't see a need for change. It's a hard oil to beat for the money. It works, it's readily available and it's inexpensive. sounds like a formula for success to me.

I do not believe in high profile designer snake oils - synthetic or otherwise. Why pay $14.00 for a quart of Holly Wood oil when a $4.00 quart of high quality lubricant will get the job done just as well in most applications?
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