Rogue 11807km PP 5w30, 29138km total

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May 31, 2008
Montreal, Quebec in Canada
Third oil change on my car.

First UOA on this engine.
Second UOA on this engine.

As usual, they did not put together on the sheet the UOA results I asked for so you will have to go to the link above to see the previous one (they put my first one as lane 1).
Lane 2 is this UOA at the beginning after one day of commute to have a starting point to compare.

Commute did not changed: 110 kms (70 miles) per workday, 80% highway, 10% city and 10% traffic jam (at the end of the commute).
The oil was changed for warranty reason (12.000 kms or 6 months): 7336 miles and almost 6 months.

I continued the hypermiling technique to find that if you babie the car really well for the first 5 to 10 minutes it returns 0.5l/100km less in fuel economy. So now, my fuel tank returns about 7.3l/100km (32 mpg) and I was never above 8-8.5l/100km (27.7-28 mpg) during this winter.
The engine never saw rpms above 2,000 except the last leg before doing the oil change in the hope to move the chunk out if possible (few full throttle when engine was warmed up).

I find the results quite good for an engine with less than 18,500 miles with silicone at 10, iron at 11, and no copper.

The part I don't understand is the Nitration flagged (28-12=16).
Could someone explain to me this? It would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the UOA:
I'm in Montreal too and have never done a UOA. Is Oil Analysers located in Canada? And how much to cover shipping and analysis?

My commute is now 20 Km each way and my last tankful returned 7.37l/100 Km. This past winter, my commute was only 7 Km each way and I was in the 8.5l/100 Km. I use some hypermiling techniques and I am very pleased with my numbers which are very similar to yours.
Minou, c'est pitou (il fallait que je niaise un peu), there is one lab on boulevard decarie if you want. Thats the one I use.

8330 boul. Décarie
Montreal, Qc
H4P 2P5
514-383-6330 ext.25

The salesman is Marc Howison.
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Wow, thanks Spykem4e, this is right next door to me so to speak, I'm in ville St-Laurent. I could just drop my sample on my way to work or something. If I'm to do a UOA, I would prefer not having the trouble to send a sample in the US and paying in US$.

How do their UOA's look like? Do you have a link to one of yours? And How much they run?

Pis j'aime les pitous autant que les minous too! Me full fledge Los Tabarnacos! I see that there's more people from and around Montreal on the site now.
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Bon, on continue en francais, alors? ;-))

I am in Ville St-Laurent too, and I contacted this lab for the same reasons as yours (proximity and hopefully good pricing).

But as you can see, at the end, I went to subcribe to Amsoil to buy some oil filters, as the one on my car right now, and a bunch of prepaid oil analysis.
Sending the oil sample by regular package and you got a result in about two weeks. This is fine by me.

They are quite expensive as they work mainly for industries and don't have a dedicated program for individuals. You can still contact them to see if that has changed.

Going back to my analysis, can someone explain to me why they flagged the Nitration (Abnormal, almost Critical), please?

Thanks for any help you could provide.
It looks like it's breaking in nice. I will be doing a UOA on my Altima QR25DE later this month. I will have about 14,000 miles on it.

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What is a Nissan Rogue?

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