Right Oil and OCI for my Application?

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Sep 9, 2007
Looking to get some opinions on what is the proper oil, filter, and OCI for my application. Currently I use Pennzoil Platinum 0w-20 synthetic with a Purolator classic (white) oil filter and perform a change once per year. Previous owner used dealer/quick lube shop 5w-20 conventional and followed the OCI monitor until I purchased the vehicle with 63k on the odometer in 2013. My annual mileage is around 7k. Given this low mileage, does it make sense to stay with a synthetic oil and a single oil change per year? Or does it make more sense to use conventional and do two oil changes per year (spring and fall)? 1. What kind of vehicle you have? 2009 Honda Accord EX-L 3.5L V6 with VCM (79k miles) 2. What your owner's manual says -- not just viscosity, but certifications (look for acronyms like API SM, ILSAC GF-4, etc.) and change intervals as well API 5w-20 conventional and says synthetic is OK to use 3. Where you live? Cleveland, OH area - this summer has been 90+ frequently and winters frequently reach single digits 4. How you drive (easy? hard? fast? slow?) Easy and moderate (5-10 mph over posted speed limit) 5. What your daily drive is like (short trips? long trips? city? highway?) Daily commute to work is all city (7 miles round trip/about 10 minutes run time). Weekends sees some highway use. Annual mileage is around 7k. 6. Whether your car has any known problems Seems to consume 1 quart every 3k miles or so. More so when on the highway for long trips (hours at a time in ECO mode) Apparently this Honda motor is well known to consume oil due to the cylinder deactivation feature
Try Pennzoil Platinum High mileage in 0w20/5w20 and see if that helps with the oil consumption. If not, keep doing what you are doing. I wouldn't hesitate to take it to 10k miles/18 months, however a UOA would help prove that is acceptable for your vehicle and use.
Today is the last day to get Napa Synthetic for $2.99/qt. It is rebranded Synpower and will be great in your Accord. Stock up on the 0w20 and grab a Napa Gold while you're there smile The OCI is determined by your MM
I'd ditch the Purolator Classics for a Napa Gold or Fram Tough Guard or something else of better quality....They don't call them Tearolators for nothing.
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Today is the last day to get Napa Synthetic for $2.99/qt. It is rebranded Synpower and will be great in your Accord. Stock up on the 0w20 and grab a Napa Gold while you're there smile The OCI is determined by your MM
Just because it's made by Valvoline (Ashland) it doesn't mean it's rebranded Synpower.
Id say Pennz Plat HM 5w20 once a year and id use an orange can before those purolators. I also like napa filters although not sure id say proselect for a 1yr 7k mile interval, maybe napa silver.
I'd see what Trav recommends on this one. Since he has a lot of experience working on VCM Hondas, mostly the minivans. I think he recommends 5k intervals on 5w30 synthetic if I'm not mistaken. Choose from M1, Pennzoil Plat, Valvoline etc from Walmart. Even 0w30 M1 would be excellent for your platform.
I'd visit an Accord forum and learn how to deactivate the VCM function. This seems to ruin this otherwise solid old V-6 design. This engine design goes back to the first Legend and has been developed and increased in displacement ever since. The Honda VCM implementation doesn't seem very good, but then none of them do. Other than that, this engine runs happily on anything from 0W-20 to 10W-30 over the years here and much heavier grades were and are recommended for other markets. For your location, either a 5W or 0W-XX would be fine for year 'round use. Where in Cuyahoga County do you live? I grew up in Rocky River and last visited there in June.
Napa synthetic is More like a beefed up Valvoline White Bottle stuff, instead ofwatered down Synpower. And no - it's not the same thing.
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My 2007 Ridgeline also sees 7-8K miles a year. For my next change at 80K miles I'll be using 5w-20 synthetic with a Fram Pro Synthetic filter, FPS7317, sister to the Ultra. They're available for six bucks each in a case of six on eBay. I'll do once a year OCs and change the filter every other change. I'm adding a Fumoto valve so OCs will be a cinch. Until now it's had Phillips 66 synthetic blends and uses no oil between changes.
What you're doing sounds good to me. The only thing I would change is the oil filter. Purolator Classics are a known problem-child for media tearing, just search around the site & you will see. I'd suggest a FRAM Tough Guard, or even better, a FRAM Ultra Synthetic.
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