Replacing Sway Bar Bushings

I'm doing some suspension work on my '96 Grand Prix, and sway bar bushings are on the list. I've done a lot of suspension work before but I've never replaced any sway bar bushings, just the end links. This particular car doesn't have end links, rather it's bolted right to the control arm. It has four bushings, two toward the middle mounted to the subframe, and the outer two are mounted to the control arm.

Is there any stress / load on the sway bar with the suspension unloaded (car in air)? In other words, if I remove all four brackets, will the sway bar just sit there, or should I expect movement? I just don't want any surprises or get into a situation where I take a bracket(s) off and then have the sway bar spring into a position where it's difficult to reassemble.

Any help would be appreciated! Here's a couple pics for clarity:


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I would have the front wheels up on ramps or blocks with the full weight on the front suspention. Just loosen up everything at the same time. You'll see if the bar is in a bind or not. You want all the weight on the wheels as you tighten up all the bolts evenly. Don't forget to lube the inside of the bushings where the bar touches.
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I believe the sway bars are only in tension if one side is not level with the other. At rest, as long as both arms are level, you should be able to remove and reassemble the bar/bushings with out having to force anything.
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