Reminiscing about bumper jacks

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Many many years ago my dad and a friend had the old Chevy jacked up. They were checking out the shock absorber. After getting out from under the car they were talking about where to buy them when the jack kicked out. After that my dad had wooden blocks placed after jacking for safety reasons.
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I remember them, dangerous POS they were, don't miss em.
I don't miss them at all. They were fast.... just so darn unstable. They went away/became extinction for very good reasons..... I keep a 2-1/2 ton hyd trolley jack in my truck. It makes changing a flat 1000% easier than the factory jack.
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My grandpa and my dad replaced those flimsy things with the heavier "farmer" type bumper jacks. They were made of a much heavier steel......... bought his at the local Cenex or CO OP farm stores back in the 60's.
I'm old enough to have owned cars that had bumper jacks and actually used them to change tires. They were fast to jack a car up with and you could do so from a standing position, but they weren't very stable. I once saw a guy underneath a '73 Impala or Caprice stuck in the middle of a busy intersection with the car lifted way up on its bumper jack. That guy had either seriously big ones or a seriously small brain.
I had one in a 1979 Oldsmobile 88 I owned, and found it useful for getting the car raised quickly. But I would never consider getting underneath a car not supported by stout blocks or stands, even when i lift them with a shop quality trolley jack. Claud.
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