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Nov 17, 2005
Arlington, TX
As promised, im about to be near my oci for my titan which is currently using the new 5w-30 TSUV M1. I have the Blackstone oil anaylsis kit but i want to know how can i send this stuff off followed by other simple questions? 1)How much is the shipping usually cost for this type of item? 2)Should i use UPS, Fedex, UPSP, DHL, etc (opinions strictly)? 3)Should i boxed the container? 4)Should i tell the mail people im carrying oil/ if it is hazardous etc? Thanks.
Consult their site. It gives you detailed postage information. Put the 1st class postage on it ..drop it in a mail box or at the counter. The lady (or guy) may ask you "is it liquid?" answer, "Yes." he/she will then ask, "Is it a hazardous material?" you answer, "No." ..she then says "Thank you" as she hands you your change and a receipt and you walk out happy. I think we're taking a trip to AutoGen (gazing into crystal ball with stars in eyes look [Big Grin] )
I've read before that some postal employees at the post office think that its a voilation to accept your oil sample. [I dont know] [Confused] [Roll Eyes] Get a small box from your local supermarket so they don't make a big deal that it is used oil.
I recommned to get Delivery Confirmation service, which adds only 60 cents to First Class postage. That way you can at least check online whether or not your sample made it to its destination.
I had problems with the USPS accepting my sample so I went next door to the UPS. Check your local USPS first because it is cheaper to send it that way (though some people have had delays). I send via UPS in a little box - costs me a total of $6.31 w/ tax to ship the thing. I get it there within 5-6 days and the very day the tracking # says it arrived - I get the e-mail from Blackstone with the results by 1:30pm PST. Never had a problem so will continue to do it this way [Big Grin] When you mention the words: Used Motor Oil - people start balking a lot. The UPS lady at the counter immediately told me "We arn't allowed to ship that stuff" when I mentioned UOA. But her supervisor in the back overheard, steped in and said it was ok but to say "Sample" instead of "used motor oil." He also said boxing it was definitely recommended or it may not get through security. Apparently there are a lot of people in my area that send Blackstone UOAs via UPS.
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