Programming two new FOBs for GMT 900 vehicles

Dec 31, 2017
SE British Columbia, Canada
I recently purchased two new FOBs for my 2008 Suburban as the old ones were toast ( even with new batteries). There are all sorts of You Tube instruction videos but some miss a key point. Some of these vehicles with electric seats have a seat position 1 and a seat position 2. You can program these FOBs so that when you unlock with one FOB the seat will go to seat position 1 and when the 2nd driver unlocks the door with the other FOB, the seat will go to position two.

These are FOBs that are not built into the key holder.

So here it is. Insert the key with a FOB hanging from it. Turn to aux position. Press down both the lock and unlock buttons together and hold down for at least 5 seconds until the horn beeps. That FOB will match with seat position #1. Keep the same key in its position. Do not remove it.

Take the 2nd FOB in your hand and press the lock and unlock buttons and hold down for at least 5 seconds until the horn sounds. That FOB will match seat position 2. Then turn the ignition off and remove the key. The rookie mistake is some people remove the key and put the second key in the ignition to program the 2nd FOB. Don’t do that. ;)
Good tips & tricks. I know it may not be the same procedure but I've been dreading what it will cost for a second key FOB for the Volvo.