Product line castrol slx gone in germany

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Nov 4, 2004
Here is a link to the new GC 0w-30 in germany its green but not fullysynthetic interesting. So is the made in Germany 0w-30 really what they say it is even as the gold or is it a BP oil. I think so. Something to think about.
The longlife II oil is not SLX (green) or SLX Longtec (gold). It is a lighter weight oil and does not carry the specs of the other two.
all 0w-30 oils that Castrol makes are green, including the new longlife. It may not meet the same specs but its still green. The only one I see carry the slx oil now is the UK. BP makes a Visco 7000 in Ow-30 which just might be whats in the Ow-30 bottles from castrol syntec. all part of the same company. Visco 7000 is just as good or if not better than the green stuff.
We still have the original SLX 0-W30 here in Austria. The shelves are stocked full of it. Along with the rest of the SLX line.How is BP Visco 7000 possibly better than SLX?
Germany obviously just discontinued the SLX line. Go to and you will see its not there anymore it was last week . BP oils have always been very good oils over in europe bp visco 7000 probably is just as good. all the same specs I believe as castrol slx. true synthetic as well PAO. WERE IS YOUR CASTROL SLX MADE.
Just because SLX is not being marketed in Germany doens't mean that it's still not made there and sold in other countries. It really doesn't matter to me if it's a BP oil or not, I guess I don't understand your point.

Your comment about Longlife II not being fully synthetic elicited a response from me in another thread which I will repeat, in part, here: y1,

Regarding the possibility of reformulations in Europe with Group III components, I will say what I have said in similar fashion before in this careful that you don't assume that Grp III/Grp IV/V mixes are inferior (I'm not saying you are, just making a general comment for all). I believe you might find that they are held in high regard by some major "involved-in-racing" oil companies. I am a vollsynthetische guy myself, but I am prepared to say that when it comes to Grp III/IV/V mixes I don't know all that I don't know (in terms of how good they really are).
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