Problems loading Yahoo web page

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Mar 31, 2010
So recently we've had problems loading the page. Yahoo mail seems to work fine, but the main page will take several minutes to load before ending in some bare bones page that looks nothing like their normal one. This problem is happening on two separate user accounts and three different internet browsers (on each account). Browsers are I.E. 7, Chrome and FF 7.0.1 I tried updating some various Adobe programs but it didn't help. Is this an ISP issue or an issue with some bit of software that all three browsers use?
Up until September, I used Yahoo and ymail for all my email exchanges. I got fed up with all the same things troubling you and decided to look for another provider. Try Works just fine -- all the time. It took me a couple weeks to get all my contacts, subscribers...etc... friends and family switched-over, but I believe it was well worth the extra time I spent doing it.
I hate the yahoo pages too. I think it's running some kind of script that bogs the whole system down. I get some funky quarantined cookies when my McAfee virus scan runs too. Maybe there's a connection?
yahoo does load funny. If I open to it as a home page and move on very fast, it is OK. If I linger too long, it uses 100% of my CPU, and Ive seen memory use spike as high as 550MB!
OK, so it's *Not* just my iffy Inet service &/or old computer. I've used Yahoo as my primary email since 1999, & it just continues to get worse, slowing, bogging down & locking up my computer more & more often. I've suspected for some time that maybe it's time to say Goodbye! to Yahoo.
Hmmmm. So no real concrete answers? I already have a gmail account, but I'm not too sure how willing the wife is? Also, I'd at least like to figure out where the problem lies. Maybe I'll down load a new virus program and give it a run? I've got MSE now.
I've had opposite problem. I have no problem with the home page, but the email is slow and reports server errors all the time. It hasn't caused any Flash or Java problems - it seems to be on their end. It doesn't crash my FF or consume a bunch of resources.
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