Problem with Auto Zone STP air filter

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Jan 17, 2003
Coastal South Carolina
I bought an sa 9360 stp air filter for my Toyota. The old one I took out - also an STP 9360, had the part number on it (nice so they dont get switched in the store boxes), the old one also had the up side marked on it and also "front" marked on it.
The new one had NONE OF THESE. Poor poor poor!
I wounder- was this a mistake at the factory or a cost cutting??? it can be installed wrong easily causing problems closing the air filter box.
Probably just made at a different plant that cared a little less. Just put the pleats facing down and close it back up.
not that simple- its symetric top to bottom.
Champion labs wrote me back (good) and said they dont require any "front" or "up" marks, but that it should have been marked as to model number (it was not) .
They said they buy in bulk from different suppliers.

Oddly the older 2005 date filter was made in China and was the best marked of the two.
They CAN be installed wrong and you can close the case and snap the clips shut, thats why in my opinion they need a front and up mark, like the first one had. I will use another brand next time.
Originally Posted By: edwardh1
not that simple- its symetric top to bottom.

If its the filter I'm thinking of its a rectangle that can fit two ways with media on the top and bottom? Does it compare to the filter you took out or did you already toss it out? I've sold those filters before and I think you're making a bigger deal out of it than it is.
I have had 3 filters
1 oem that came with the car
2. stp filter 9360 bought in 2005 that was marked by model number and marked front, and up - this I think is an STP era filter made by stp or whoever made them for stp
3. my 2009 stp 9360 filter which has NO markings at all, is in an stp box but is made by champion labs- STP wrote me this week and said they sold the filter business to champion "some years ago"
i think t just depends on when and where the filter was made. i've bought the same pennzoil oil filter several times and it was labeled 2 different ways, randomly. i got them all from the same store.
Just a suggestion, throw away the stp filter and get an oem, since they are changed so infrequently. The oem are very high quality media for a few bucks difference.
i was lookin at a fram filter in the wal mart the other day and picked up one and it looked normal but for the heck of it i picked up the one behind it both same models and both for my truck but the one screen had real tiny holes and the other had bigger wider holes in it and the one with the bigger holes seemed to have more room betweent the pleats in the paper and the smaller holed one seemed tighter togther how can this be if there the same filter is one a newer fram version?
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