Prepping before using Griots 3 in 1 ceramic wax

I really don't spend a lot of time with prep. I only clay a car if it feels rough. Quite simply I just use Griot's 3 in 1 and 5 minutes later, I'm done.
Depending on how long it sat on the lot, I would agree. His sig says 2021 Edge. If it's only been a few months since they purchased it, I would surmise it sat on the lot for an extended period of time. They would've quit producing MY21 when? Middle of 2021? If that's true, that car sat on the lot for months. The Edge isn't that popular to begin with.

By comparison, the Santa Cruz I just bought was manufactured 05/09/22. I purchased 06/07/22. Hadn't been on the lot more than week after delivery. No time for the paint to become contaminated. I washed it and use Griot's 11146 Speed Shine Quick Detailer in between washes. I wouldn't consider polishing, clay bar etc. for at least a year. Very little ROI, IMO.

Since you are close to the assembly plant in Alabama that made a difference and a good one at that.

The biggest source of contamination on new cars is rail dust. We get thousands of vehicles coming in weekly on the ships here in Tacoma on a regular schedule. Most end up on the railroad headed east or wherever.

I got lucky because Mazda ships into Tacoma. Just several miles to the dealership.
Purple Power Boat & RV wash is another good choice. Cheap and available at Wally.
I use this every other wash, and also dawn dish soap on the others. Then re apply a spray wax. Clay every 6 months. Purple power and dawn dish soap pull far more dirt and oils off, then car soap.