Poll time - which Ravenol to use from stash?

May 15, 2012
The land of USA-made Subies!
So I've got both Ravenol DXG and SFE sitting on the shelf just ahead of a long road trip which will load the vehicle (2014 Ford Transit Connect Titanium) likely right up to its GVWR of about 5,300 pounds for the entire voyage. Now, before we get off topic on oil choice, here's my standards for this test:

Only these two oils will be considered. All others mentioned will be ignored.
SFE is Ravenol's oil finder pick for this vehicle. DXG is unfiltered, unpasteurized unicorn tears spiced up with several of the choicest ingredients this board's pessimists always swoon over.

OC will go in just before the trip, save a VOA sample for analysis, and possibly have a mid-OCI sample of around 3500 miles pulled after the trip is complete. Trip is from mideast Indiana to the middle of Montana; lots of interstate and mountains, so fuel mileage will be dismal with either oil
I predict somewhere between a hand-calculated 20 to 22 mpg; a final UOA will be pulled at 10k or OLM @ 0% (which should coincide on this engine). I have a couple TestOil samples left to use, or I may try the $9-10 Napa/Wix sample kits. Lab will be same for VOA and UOAs.

I'm not using these OAs to estimate wear, only to collect data to establish this vehicle's baseline and compare it to my 120k worth of personal UOAs on the same engine from my 2011 Fusion as my "universal standard", and to calculate my max OCI with the given oil in this vehicle. Filter will be a fresh Fram Ultra 3614 for the duration of the test.

The only real choice, and comparison here is: DXG clearly calls out PAO and moly/tungsten/OFM trifecta and d1G2 certs, where SFE matches the pour point and nearly the Noack but only calls out tungsten specifically. HTHS is almost identical at 3.1 to 2.9 respectively. So, which one would you use for this trip (or just want to see the VOA/UOA of?)? PDS are below:

Ravenol DXG
Ravenol SFE