Platinum a better oil than Ultra?

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Aug 5, 2004
Back in Arizona. Finally
I just got off Pennzoils website checking out their line of oils and it seems to me that the Platinum series, which is second in their line up, has better specs than the Ultra which is their best oil. Yeah, I realize that the Ultra keeps my engine clean, but the spec sheets make it look like the Platinum is the better oil - it meets more, and modern specifications than the Ultra. I just bought some Ultra to put in my Ecoboost F150 and after seeing all this, I'm thinking that the oil change after this one will be with the Platinum because it looks better on paper. Not many Ecoboost UOAs here and none on the EB engine using Ultra so I am at a loss. I used both in my Mazdaspeed 3 with no problems but I'm sitting here wondering...... Any input guys?....
Id say that either should provide almost if not the best protection available. I promise you that I will have an ecoboost within 2 years and I will run Motorcraft in it for sure. It is a very good oil and warranty will never be a question. I got the smelly end of the stick casue I have to buy the wife a new car after winter so I have to wait for my truck. She is stuck on the mercedes B200, I hope there is a mobil 1 oil that meets its spec. So I think ill have to find some uoa's on it as well. Try UOA's Not in this site as well. I found a couple for my ford on the couple ford truck forums I go on.
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