Philly uses RLI bottle jack fluid on its poles to prevent people from climbing them

Oct 20, 2005
For those who don't know: Sports fans in Philadelphia apparently like to climb poles during big events like the Superbowl. The city lubes the poles to try to prevent that.

Apparently, the lube they're using nowadays is from a niche brand that will be familiar to some here:

The department’s current lubricant of choice, Bio-Bottle Jack Hydraulic Fluid, is priced at $38.88 per gallon. Ben Garmier, vice president of manufacturer Renewable Lubricants, said the product was eco-friendly and causes little to no skin irritation.

“If anybody were to get crazy, it’s not going to hurt them,” he said.

We've embraced the challenge.


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reemoeMO said:
"I would rather have people climbing poles, Too many people shooting guns into the air around here."

In Philly they shoot each other....PS: It was low class of Philly fans to boo Dak Prescott after he received the Walter Payton award.