PF2257G ACDelco cross section

Jan 20, 2018
I posted pics of this in the latest oil change thread along with the oil change on my in-laws 2016 Buick Encore 1.4l. I meant to put the filter pics in here but got ahead of myself. I assumed it was an ACDelco filter as they had all previous service done at the dealership. Upon seeing my pics and having the oil cleaned off somewhat, I see that it was in fact an ACDelco PF2257G. It feels like a piece of skinny stiff cardboard, but I guess it worked just fine. I have never cross sectioned a cartridge filter, so today was the day. There was only one shiny little speck in the cross section. [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] I don't know the mileage on the oil and filter but it showed 24% left on OLM and they were ~900 miles over on the mileage posted on the dealer oil change sticker.