Pergola atop existing deck

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Jul 5, 2014
Good evening - I want to build a 10 by 12 pergola atop an existing deck on the sun baked side of my home. I envision a 10 by 12 foot frame of 2 by 6 pressure treated, supported on 4 six by six posts. The pergola would be covered with some sort of sun block fabric during the spring and summer, with the fabric removed in the winter because I am in a windy location. Everything will be thru bolted or lagged heavily to keep the whole thing from lifting off in a wind gust. Does this design sound sturdy enough for a windy area? Has anyone built one of these? Thanks in advance for any advice.
It will all start from the bottom. Developing a separate foundation for the pergola that would be anchored in poured concrete footings would be my first thought. Using steel connections with bolts from the uprights to the roof framing should be plenty. I’m think this way because if a strong wind is straining your pergola it would also strain the deck it sits on. That’s why I would focus on the foundation.
What ever you do, DO NOT lag anything directly to the rim joists or sill of the house I'd make it free standing. Just lagged to the deck. All it needs is to support itself. Not load bearing Wind brace the corner posts. The bare joists will still catch wind.
My first thought is how deteriorated is the deck? 20 years of sun? 5 years old and good maintenance?
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