Painting rusty engine block

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Feb 26, 2005
Kansas, USA
Finally got around to pulling the spare engine from my parts car. It's a little bit more rusty than I originally thought. On festivas there's a spot between the downpipe and front of the engine that's basically open to the elements. The plan is so far degreasing it/pressure wash, take the dremel with a wire wheel and rewash afterwards, put some rust stop, prime, and paint it with Duplicolor ceramic engine paint. Is rust stop a good product to use on engine? I haven't found any engine primer, will any primer work?
Is the rust stop you mention the stuff that turns black when it dries?
If so you can't use that on engine blocks because the rust stop will not take the heat of the engine.
Here is what i did to a couple of engines i have painted and the paint has held up very well.
Degrease the engine thoughly then use a wire brush mounted in a drill and brush all the loose rust and dirt off the engine it is not nessasary to get it down to bare metal.
Wash the engine down with brake cleaner to remove any remaining oil residue and dust that may prevent the paint from sticking well.
Tape off anything that you don't want painted the head gasket surface is one example then paint it.
I prefer plastikote engine enamel over duplicolor get a can of grey engine primer and 2 cans of whatever color engine paint you want then just prime and paint it like you would anything else metal.
You don't have to use a primer with engine paint but it is more durable if you do especially if the engine painted is rusty.
The primer must be engine primer regular metal primer will not hold up to the high heat of an engine.
Good luck!
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