Ordered: Toyo Extensa A/S ll

Jan 13, 2016
Northeast Nebraska
Decided it was time to replace the Tiger Paws on my Lucerne, date code 0313. They still have 7/32 and are just now showing some signs of cracking around the rim but other wise they look fine, just old.

I was at Wally a couple weeks ago and even though the online price was/is $117.41 for 225/60r16 they quoted me closer to $130. I was some what pissed but she said the online pricing isn't guaranteed, and told her that was a load of B:poop:, she agreed and was really nice about it so I dropped it, should have asked for a manager.

Talked to my mech a few days later and he quoted me $119 plus $40 mount and balance, $550 including tax out the door. Two good things here is the price and I'd rather deal with my mech than Wally later on if something happened.

I figured from the reviews these seemed like a good in between tire, not wanting to go on the cheap even though folks her say the Goodyear tires made for Wally are good and spending more on a Cooper or similar.

Any body here have these in use?