opinions on syntec blends


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New Jersey
Hi, Castrol syntec blends can be often found at pretty good prices. I am particularly interested in the 20w-50 and the 15w-40 truck blend. These are for use in a 1991 BMW. I was considering either pennzoil long life 15w-40 (becasue of its good moly), or just doing mobil1 15w-50 all the time (only 15w-x Id trust year round). The thing is that the car is only used around town, so I would prefer to change every 3000 mi. Any opinions on the syntec blends? I know that the syntec is usually group III, but the one thing I noticed in the 15w-40 was that it didnt say 'not for sale outside of north america' like the other syntec and blend bottles, and so I ghave to wonder if it is a higher quality like the 0w30... Thanks JMH


Elizabethtown, Pa
Well we have yet to see an analysis of the Syntec for that duration. As a matter of fact we have (at least me) seen only Mobil 1 analysis for 10K. [Frown]
JMH, see the little 5 green lights on the dash...well, if you use Syntec 5-50...you don't need to worry about changing the oil for the full 9-10k mi. interval dictated on the dash. Forget blends and forget changing the oil every 3k.