Ontario Nuclear Update: March 13th, 2024


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Apr 28, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Pre-refurbishment work has commenced at Pickering. They are ordering parts, doing up the engineering diagrams and a host of other activities.

At Darlington B, the SMR site, early site prep work is now complete:

Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 12.04.44 PM.jpg

AtkinsRéalis is trying to expedite the CNSC approval of the "Monark" (basically updated Darlington design) in hopes that it being Canadian, the same tech as the existing units and having an established supply chain makes it the logical choice for the new Bruce C site, which is currently open to all reactor technologies. Cameco is pushing for the AP1000 now that they own US nuclear giant Westinghouse and EDF is also pushing the EPR. Not sure if KEPCO will be submitting the APR1400 or not.

The CNSC in its history, going back to long before it was the CNSC, has never approved a power reactor design that hasn't been a CANDU, so there are some unique regulatory hurdles that will exist for non-CANDU designs, which does give the Monark an advantage if the engineering work can be completed in a timely fashion. Not only is it a CANDU, it's a derivative CANDU, drawing heavily from the C6 and EC6 as well as the existing CANDU 9 design at Darlington, which, AtkinsRéalis hopes, will allow it to be fast-tracked through the regulatory process.

This is important, because Bruce C isn't the only new build site. Wesleyville, Nanticoke as well as other locations are potential sites (with varying degrees of confidence, depending on how demand grows) for new large units, so whomever gets selected for the Bruce C location will have a massive advantage in bidding for these other sites as well.

AtkinsRéalis has launched "Canadians for CANDU" in an attempt to draw attention to its design and tug at the patriotic heartstrings of Canadians:
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