one of the downsides of using a botique oil.

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my sister has gc in her car. its been in sence april. today is her birthday so one of her friends took her car in to get the tires balanced and the oil changed as a present. thats $20 in gc and a prefectly good pure 1 oil filter down the drain. you want to really cringe at what they put in her car? accel brand "api sf" 10w40 oil and some unknown filter. they also changed her air filter. her old one was only 2500 miles old, and it was a nice wix filter. the new one is an unknown brand. this is one of the downsides to using an expensive oil. whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. how about the time a year ago i had saab turbo oil in my motorbike. 2 days later i lost oil pressure one day and had to dump the turbo oil so i could open the engine up and replace a little o ring that had blown on the oil pump. it seems like synthetic is almost not worth it because "things" happen in which you have to lose the oil early, weither its the fault of a little o ring, or a stupid friend who thinks she is doing good. how many of you have been forced to dump a synthetic oil early because of some reason for which you could not control?
That really blows! But not as bad as having GC in my wife's civic for one month when I did her timing belt and water pump, antifreeze seeped into the dipstick tube (when I had it pulled out) I had to change it, it was my fault i shoudl have waited to change the oil when i did the timing belt.The GC was staring me down though, I had to put it in early.
Although I have to say that sucks, I don't think GC rates as a botique oil. 'Botique' and $3.50 on sale at AutoZone are mutually exclusive. When you lose some Motul 300V to a bulk Pennzoil fill, then I'll cry or you.
So vwoom, How long you been running GC in your ATW? Curious as to what your thoughts are on it? What other oils have you used? Likes and dislikes? Small world, Filipino, B5, GC...
This is pretty much a weird argument on not using synthetic oil. I have actually never heard (until now) someone giving someone a secret oil change for their birthday. (Although I have heard of quickie places throwing out K&N's) Yes, sometimes things happen that result in immediate oil loss - rock hole in oil pan? - but really this kind of thing is pretty rare and a flimsy excuse not to use the oil of your choice.
I dumped a fill of Redline 5w30 out of my Subaru last fall after 2 months. I'd had a series of problems with the thermostat and air in the cooling system, several instances of the engine running hot. I got paranoid that the oil might have gone bad or gotten coolant leaked into it (unfounded fears - I'm sure the Redline was fine and there are no HG problems to date) so I dumped it for dino 5w30. The redline made the startup piston slap as loud as hammers on a metal drum, so I wasn't too sad to see it go. For $9 a quart, it was an expensive experiment!
How long you been running GC in your ATW? Curious as to what your thoughts are on it? What other oils have you used? Likes and dislikes? Small world, Filipino, B5, GC... flipb5, I've ran 5qts GC since 50k using a Mannolator filter. Prior to that a regimen of AutoRx, to rid whatever gunk the dealer used from the freebie oil changes. Back then when the car was new, I knew since that turbos are a killer on oil(..years later the sludge recall)...So I ran in between dealer changes since of Durablend 10w40 A3 from 7.5, 12.5, 17.5ks(use/throwout pure 5w40 would be a waste at every 2.5ks). By 20k, 2 ocis of Synpower 5w40; 4 ocis of Motul Synergie 5w40 and by 45k the A-Rx, to rinse Rotella 5w40...all of these before I joined Bitog. Running 12.1 cSt GC in the ATW is by far the smoothest oil I've used. Turbo lag was noticeably minimized and throttle response is way better. Can't wait to do the next GC oci after 300mi. This reminds me I gotta check my GC inventory..scored more last week. [Smile] Btw, my dad in Manila also has a 1.8T, a '99 A4..been "scolding" him about dragging his feet on oil changes. [Roll Eyes] James
I've been using GC in my Wife's 2003 Golf 2.0 since March of this year. I'll be honest...she's lazy & ignorant when it comes to auto maintanence. All to often, she'll let a full-service gas station attendant check the oil for her. Being aware of this, I keep at least 1 extra bottle of GC in the trunk. If Mr. gas station man tells her she needs a top-up...she's supposed to hand a bottle of GC to him(...forbid that she would actually get her hands dirty [Razz] ). I've also provided ample warning to Mr. gas station man in the form of 2 OE oil warning labels under the hood. One label on the radiator support states "Oil must comply with VW spec. 502.00" and the other on the engine cover has universal symbols to consult the owner's manual before adding oil.
I have a friend, a male, who is under-skilled in the auto maintenance dept. His recently-aquired used Volvo was burning drum oil and hi-miles so I put leftover synth closeout in it and got him to keep checking the levels. After ARX and stuff, all seemed to be going ok. There was a problem developing though. His live-in "buddy" would take the car to the tire shop for a drum oil change like a month after I put in synth for free. Kinda sucked. I know he appreciated longer intervals that he could do on synth, but who's to argue with someone, like his "buddy" who is semi-purposely defiant? I explained that Euro cars take special oil, etc. Now the typical situation is 6000mi into the interval, 1.5-2q low, dino drum oil with the additives (if there were any) settled to the bottom and ever darkening varnish...not to mention 20 lb/in2 in the tires. Do you think I'm sticking my neck out anymore...NOPE! BTW- I extreacted and filled a portion of the trans fluid, which he said was smoother. I offered to do it a few times again, then he should go for a full Mobil 1 ATF service. He never asked for the second procedure. [Roll Eyes] I'll keep my GC where it belongs, in the attic. [Big Grin]
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