Oil prices went up at Walmart big time this week.. Duh..

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
"Pennzoil 5 qt jugs went from $6.97 to $10.77"
I don't feel so bad now for having 50+ quarts of Dollar Tree Trop Artic.
How much was the Valvoline All-Climate and Durablend in 1 quart and 5 quart jugs?

Perhaps I'll drop by my local Walmart later this week to check and see if the price increases have hit Sacramento yet.


Originally posted by Michael Wan:
How much was the Valvoline All-Climate and Durablend in 1 quart and 5 quart jugs?

Perhaps I'll drop by my local Walmart later this week to check and see if the price increases have hit Sacramento yet.


The white 5 qt jugs were $9.97 (don't remember how much they were before since I don't do Valvoline..)

I don't know the Maxlife stuff.

Take care, Bill
I always knew that all that oil hoarding would turn out to be a good investment. A lot better than my WorldCom stock.
I would guess into the new year a few months away look for PCMO jumping at least 30%-40%.

Oronite just this week or last? raised additives 22-25%

LZ on Nov 1st following.

others to follow plus since supply is tight everyone is looking around, now it is a buy it all costs deal since otherwise blend plants will be down not a good way to operate a business.
And do not forget plastic bottles those plants have been impacted also we have not seen the worst
yet since the supply train is so long (remember there is still 2003,2004 bottles of the GC Castrol still on shelfs) but it will get here.

And with GPII and GPIII Real TIGHT the days of 1.00 quart are over as old supply runs out.

Was told by more than 1 refiner that they can make more on fuel than lube base stock so lube production has been impacted as well as plants still off line and start up many weeks away.

Yes, it's always amazed me that a spray bottle of general purpose/window cleaner sells for more than a quart of motor oil, considering the trucking, distribution & stocking costs.

And it's always been my experience, with steel, plastic resin & other material costs in the manufacturing sector, that additional profit margins are quietly added in.

In another words, "make hay while the sun shines" is always a factor in these price increases!

Was at Walmart yesterday (and was there on Monday to pick up some meds for my mom) and went over to the oil area while they filled the Mx. (yep oil sickness confirmed..
) and noticed the following yesterday;

Since Monday..

Pennzoil 5 qt jugs went from $6.97 to $10.77
Trop-Artic QT went from $1.32 to $1.67
Motorcraft QT went from $1.42 to $1.97
QS 5 qt jug went from $6.97 to $8.97
Castrol Syntec Blend 5qt went from $10.52 to $12.77
Mobil 1 EP is now $5.62 a quart. The 5 qt jugs were $26 something.

All of the SuperTech oils (all weights) are gone. No matter in qts or 5 qt jugs. On Monday it was stocked full and it's price was $4.97 for the 5qts.

The Havoline 5qt jugs were all gone and the price was $6.97. Plenty of Quarts for $1.58

It was funny that they had 5 qt jugs of Castrol GTX for $9.97. Then on the end of the asile, they had GTX in a oil change pack (6 single qts in a box) for $9.97.. Wonder which one I'd buy?

Talking to someone who works there last night and said that the Supertech will be hard to get since the supply is low and they were told to increase the shelf space for more Valovine and Castrol so the shelf space looks full.

Also he said that there will be a major price increase on Mobil products real soon. He did not know how much but in the area of 20-30% he thought.

From the front in Central Utah...

Take care, bill
Supertech hard to get, huh?
Sounds like WM's suppliers are choosing to allocate their scarce base stocks to higher margin products.
It's a shame, because as far as we can tell, the Supertech products turn in UOAs just as good as any other dino when used in 5K intervals...

Originally posted by Audi Junkie:
Prices were the same at my W*M today, sunday.

Stopped by the Walmart tonight after work to get some stuff for the kids school party tomarrow and guess what.. All of the QS 5 qt jugs were gone!

Plenty of $9.97 Valovine 5 qt jugs, $9.97 Castrol 5 qt jugs and the Pennzoil 5 qt $10.77.

The $9.97 6 packs of Castrol GTX only the 10w-30 was there, the 5w-30 sold out...

Also noticed that of the single quarts, Pennzoil 5w-20 Dino was pretty well gone. The supertech was empty Friday.

Interesting... I think it shows the public buys oil by the price then the name..

Take care, bill

PS: I did not go out and buy all the QS jugs to add to my stockpile... Really I did not...

PPS: Checkers has .99 cent GTX and .49 cent Shell oil on sale this week...

Originally posted by Eddie:
I just bought 2 5 quart jugs of 5w30 MI at WalMarts for $19.99 each. No change in prices here in SW Fl.


Mobil products are to be raised soon according to the person I talked too.

I'd bet before the end of the month it will be closer to $25 for the 5 qt jugs of Mobil 1.

Right now here, They are almost $21($20.77 or 20.97 I forgot
) as of Sunday.

Take care, Bill

PS: Watch them go to $15 a jug....
I posted a while back when WM ran out of ST XOM dino here in New England and started stocking WPP.
I've been buying, here and there, in anticipation of higher prices. So far,I have like 14 ST jugs (XOM & WPP) ranging from 5W30-10W40 for my various (4) vehicles. Not to mention a couple of jugs of 10W30 ST Full(fake,but good)Synth. I cleaned Target out of their $1.24/qt 10W40 Syntec blend too. My wife thinks I'm nuts. Heating oil is going up significantly this year and Mass Electric is increasing their charges 27.5% Nov 1st. Boston is now the most expensive city to live too (I can't believe it beat out NYC and LA). So, what are you going to do?

Maybe I can make a deal with the manager at Walmart and have him buy some ST jugs back for a higher price...(I know someone out there is actually going to do just that).
Wal Mart and the auto parts stores around here all look very picked over - and it does not look like they are being restocked.

Exception would be Advanced which is opening new stores here and seems to have good stock - lots of cases of their house brand at $0.88/quart.
I stopped by WM tonight while my daughter was at soccer practice. It looks like the ST dino oil went up from $4.97/5qt jug, to $5.48. That's not too bad. Everything else went up as Bill described, which was pretty considerable. The Havoline was still $6.97/5qt jug, so I grabbed some more(I must be good for 3 years by now).
In my Wally's, oil prices seem to be the same. The $1.28 TropArtic blends are the only ones that keeps running out.
..Also, I always keep an eye on the T&S 5qt jug prices whenever I visit..still $20 a pop.

I still have last weeks Kragens net $0.49/qt coupon on the Chevron Supremes good till 10/22..about time to try these Chev/Tex high moly SM oils for the 1st time.
Prices are up in the computer at my mismanaged walmart but not reflected in shelf tags yet.

Cashed in the $3 price protection discount today on 5 quarts of havoline, and maybe tomorrow too.

5w30 is in very short supply... all brands. XOM ST in the thicker grades is still around but 5w30 ST is from Warren.
thankyou Pep Boys/MADD for the 20 or so- buy "3 M1's - get 3 for FREE" coupons earlier this years!!!! as TallPaul said before "137qts of oil on the wall, 137qts qts of oil, take one down ........ don't think I will be needing much oil for awhile doing my 10thou mi per change intervals
That's funny. Some oils at my Walmart have gone down in price. Castrol Syntec Blend went from 2.52/qt to $2.32/qt. Castrol Syntec went down roughly $.75/qt as well.

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