oil analysis with h20/meth injection

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Apr 22, 2009
Truck is a 2007 chevy duramax diesel(lbz - non dpf model).
At about 135,000 miles I added Snow stage3 MPG-MAX meth injection.
The first oil analysis (sample 1) showed high aluminum, silicon, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Lab suggested cooling system flush and pressure check. I had just had that done at about 125,000 miles.
So instead, I stopped using tap water for the h20/meth injection. I switched to using only sodium & mineral free, distilled water. Changed the oil, ran it 1000 miles, changed the oil again. Ran it 5000 miles and sent in another oil sample (sample 2).
All the high levels came down.
So then I switched back to tap water for another 5000 miles, and did another sample (#3). the levels (except aluminum and potassium) went back up.

So, are these levels really normal for a meth injected vehicle?
Or is the tap water going to do any long term damage with mineral build up?

Cant attach the analysis????? try this link, its at dieselplace.oil analysis thread at dp
What about a water vaporiser type system that does not actually spray water from a nozzle? I have used these for years on gassers and had no problems, just better driveability, power and fuel economy. Plus, absolutely no need for premium fuel. I never thought to use distilled as it would cost more to use. I guess an oil analysis would be in order on one of these engines.

On another note, I had the cyl head off on one of these engines to do an upgrade and it had not one spec of carbon on any of the combustion chambers. Machine shop guy thought I had cleaned the head already.
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