OEM Mitsubishi filters

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Oct 3, 2008
Bit of a background, there are two different types of Mitsubishi parts - OEM (part numbers starting with MB, MD, MM and MR) and what they call their "Value Selection" (part numbers starting with MZ). Their Value range is basically what ACDelco is to GM and Motorcraft is to Ford.

I went to get an oil filter today for the better half's Lancer, and it uses the same filter as my Montero. I usually skip the Value range, and go straight for the OEM stuff but they didn't have the part number I was looking for (MD136790). This part number is what's recommended in the service manual, and what I use if I'm not going for an aftermarket brand. Unfortunately it wasn't in stock when I had just bought one yesterday. Instead, they had an MD352626 which looked slightly bigger so I bought it.

The moment I opened the box, I was in for a surprise. This is the first OEM Mitsubishi filter I've ever come across with a rubber ADB valve.
I thought this was ridiculous, considering I paid double price for this filter and the supposedly 'budget' filter comes with a silicone ADB valve. I cross referenced it on the WIX site, and it gave me the WIX part number 57092 (white) - which also comes with a rubber ADB. Cross referencing MD136790 gives me 51334 (black), which is a filter I have also used. Both the WIX 51334 and MD136790 come with a silicone ADB valve.

Could anybody think of a logical reason why this particular filter and the WIX 57092 come with rubber ADB's instead of silicone? The 57092 is mainly for Chrysler applications, but it also lists Mitsubishi 99-09.
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