OEM Honda wiper blade curvature

Apr 13, 2013
I threw away the factory blades on my Pilot a long time ago but decided to repurchase a set from the dealer. Haven't installed them yet but I'm intrigued by the passenger blade, which has a decent curve to it. This must be to tightly hug the windshield but I'm wondering if the middle hinges (circled in red below) will hit the top frame once the blade's on the car and under tension from the wiper arm. If they do, is that okay? You can see the driver blade doesn't have that curve and there's a decent gap b/w the middle hinges and top frame. The real test will be when I install them tomorrow. I was wondering if Honda bros could comment. [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
Why would they? Are they more bulbous than your photo shows? I have experienced the need for different designs in order to accommodate the windshield curvature. Others won't work kp as well...
That's a very good point JHZR ^^^^^ Windshield curvature can certainly become a circumstance where finding the "right" blade that fits is truly what matters the most.
My previous 2007 Acura MDX I bought some "better" wipers/blades and was so sorely disappointed vs the Acura OEM ones. I fished the frames out of trash and for 10 years just bought the Honda rubber refills(absolutely superior) for $15 for all three typically(2 front/rear). Once you learn the trick to replacing rubber its so easy and feels way less wasteful chucking the frames out. That all being said I think I have motor craft (bought used from Ford dealer) on my 2015 Pilot and they work sooooo well.