Not how I wanted to start off the new year.

Very sorry to hear about this stuggle Chris142.
It's difficult to know there's water down there, just out of financial reach at the moment.
Are there any local or regional assistance programs out there in your area?
Or, are any of the drillers able to put you on a payment program rather than pay all at once?
Allegedly there is assistance available but I can't seem to find it. I can't take on any more payments untill we pay off the Toyota my wife drives. I simply do not make enough money even with my 2 jobs. We were really trying to get out of debt not go deeper in the hole.

Got a hold of another well guy and he was going to work me up a few quotes with different possibilities. Will see what he says.

Since the rains last month it looks like my well is coming up slowly. It's up about 14 inches since I started measuring it. This week it's risen 1-2 inches per day. I figure that if it gets up to the top of my 6 ft stick I'm going to have the pump put back in the ground and hope that buys me some time or that it keeps rising.
That sounds like some good news.

They just started a county wide water rights adjudication here. People are pretty upset. It’s a big unknown right now. Our rights to our knowledge run with the land but wow….how could anyone else claim the water rights
This is my measuring stick. You can see my measurements from the last few days. Guess I should wait longer between measurements but I'm hoping for a break through


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