NOS Nuclear power plant in the Philippines may be brought to life

They should hire an impartial expert to inspect a few random welds. There have been cases even in the US of a whole plant being condemned because it wasn't welded correctly and the original inspectors were corrupt.
That's what the Koreans did, is my understanding. Kepco has already come and performed an extensive inspection, which is how they came up with the $1 billion price tag.
Seems like the plant was a victim of circumstance, Aquino didn’t want to stick her neck out and Chernobyl sealed the deal. There will always be detractors on large projects but comments on it being close to faults and volcanoes are probably overblown, considering Westinghouse would have considered that in their geotechnical work. I’d certainly like to see it go ahead, but wouldn’t want the Russians involved in any way. Perhaps the Koreans could pull it off.